Application Programming Interface (API)

The VECOM platform is designed with cloud-based web-services that enable any user-interface to be written and interact with the core services of Enterprise Customer Order Management. If you have a web e-commerce design or mobile app that you have already invested in, we can work with that platform and our API to provide additional and new services, new catalogue functionallity and enable these "skins" with the new engine behind them.

Our Web-Services API works with XML/Soap, XML/HTTPS, JSON/AJAX, and RESTful services. These services provide a compact and highly-cached and efficient sub-second interface for the data required for the presentation layers. We have this API fully documented and ready for our team, your internal team or even another 3rd party development firm to standarize your omni-channel approach to retail. Our API is also built to reach out to other 3rd party services for geo-positioning, credit/debit processing, financial systems/Accounting, supply-chain, CRM as well as activation/online sales services.

Contact us to see how we can flexibly work with your existing investments in retail systems and add a new dimension for your customers and staff use.

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