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VisionMAX's core focus is on retail solutions. These solutions are frequently manifested in business to consumer transactions but we have done many business to business solutions as well. Retail solutions span almost every type of business from charity not-for-profit businesses to multinational Telcos.

We have spent many (too many) years developing bleeding-edge technology solutions for our customers and prospects in our 20 years of business:

  •  First digital streaming video solutions in hotels in the US
  •  Netflix for telco customer’s before Netflix
  •  Track and Trace and digital signature capture for a courier customer before FedEx
  •  Interactive Voice apps
  •  Voice artificial intelligence
  •  PicShare TV (Thanks Jeff) before Facebook and presented to top Execs at Kodak in Rochester just as digital was taking over film
  •  Home Automation in condo’s and hotels over 18 years ago
  •  Delivering true omni-channel applications for years when the lady from Gartner who coined the term came to visit us and see what we were doing
  •  Avatar automation bots with AI and live agent interaction
  •  Trying on your chosen clothing on your life-sized avatar while talking to a live virtual personal stylist recommending fashion from across the country

We have seen and done a lot with some of the largest Technology and Enterprise customers in the world. We are not out of the custom innovation game, but we do want to focus our efforts around the retail space. If you have an innovation idea that needs an experienced team to build what doesn’t yet exist, then let us know and we’ll take on the project or point you to someone who can help you.

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