Our Customers

Our customers have been our livelyhood and focus for 20 years. We have active customer relationships that have lasted over a decade with constant work and systems development. Some of our government systems (Registering businesses, partnerships, proprietorships) are coming up on 20 years of systems development, maintenance and upgrades. We are most proud of how we have turned business relationships into a trusted partnerships and the lifetime friends we have made across many industries.

“VisionMAX developed our e-commerce website, POS, time-tracking, and warehouse picking software. They always build a cost effective solution and their team is highly skilled, professional and a pleasure to work with. That is why they have been with us for so long.”

Lynn Richards - Director I.T. Henry's Cameras

Retail & E-Commerce

  •  Pizza Pizza
  •  Swiss Chalet
  •  East Side Mario's
  •  Montana's
  •  Harvey's
  •  Kelsey's
  •  Panago Pizza
  •  Quiznos
  •  Holt Renfrew
  •  T-Mobile USA (Franchise stores POS)
  •  Digicel (Corporate and Franchise POS)
  •  Katz Group (PharmaPlus/Rexall/IDA/Guardian)
  •  HBC (The Bay and Zellers)
  •  Sears
  •  Henry's Cameras
  •  City of Toronto - Toronto Ferry Ticketing POS/Web/Kiosk
  •  3M
  •  Regal Greetings & Gifts

Media & Communications

  •  Digicel
  •  T-Mobile
  •  Bell Mobility
  •  Bell ExpressVu/TV
  •  Sprint
  •  Verizon
  •  Dish/Echostar
  •  Qwest Communications
  •  Sirius/XM Satellite Radio
  •  AT&T
  •  CenturyLink
  •  KoolConnect
  •  TV Ontario

Manufacturing & Logistics

  •  Toyota
  •  Kraft
  •  Inco Mining
  •  Schneider's
  •  Sunquest
  •  Loomis Courier


Finance & Insurance