Our client was drowning in paper when the province's more than 500 private career colleges (PCCs) re-registered each year. Client staff had to key in mountains of data from returned paper registrations and trace un-filed returns. A new self-serve system that would allow the PCC staff themselves to enter the data online was needed to eliminate the manual, time-consuming work.

The Challenge

In order to achieve success, it was critical to partner with other government organizations. Building the new system involved three ministries, two IT clusters and staff in many branches.

The new system had to provide an extensive series of reports, conform to government standards including disability/access compliance, and be flexible enough to accommodate future growth.

The Solution

VisionMAX created a self-serve on-line business registration system that linked existing back-end systems together and uses a Web browser front-end. The system is based on work done earlier for the provincial government. The system permits the PCCs to enter registration and re-registration data on Web pages. The data is automatically entered into a newly developed relational database enabling instant updates, secure storage, and flexible management reporting.

The Results

The system provides the following benefits: reduced paper handling effort, reduced resource time and effort to process applications during peak time, ability to handle volume increases, faster turnaround time to meet stakeholders' needs, managed government accountability. Using VisionEngine, VisionMAX created 150 screens (in two languages) and 50 bilingual reports. The system won a Public Sector Quality Gold Award in quality management principles and practices, plus an Achievement Award from CIPA (Canadian Information Productivity Award), and is a finalist for the CIPA Grand Award. More importantly, for the public, the PCC sector, and staff at the client, the right information is now available to the right people at the right time.

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