There were existing government service groups at various ministries that provided access to service for consumers and businesses. There was a need for online registration of businesses to address the backlog with in-person registrations.

The Challenge

Canadians were starting businesses but didn't register them because it was inconvenient. The completely paper-based system was inconvenient and tedious, and many new business owners simply did not bother to register due to the inconvenience and irritation with the process.

The Solution

VisionMAX assessed the completely paper-based forms system and converted it to the only Web-based registration processing system available on the market with real-time modifications and a non-linear user interface: the VisionMAX Electronic Service Delivery Engine.

The registration system guides registrants through the business registration process without requiring doubling of data entry effort, reducing time requirements, and increasing customer satisfaction and usage. The administration module also eliminated change request delays by delivering a real time form modification tool.

The Results

Business registration time was cut from 6 weeks to 20 minutes. The faster turn-around time and great convenience resulted in an increase in business registrations and the faster collection of Provincial tax revenues.

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