• Use the Internet to add interactivity to live TV show


A TV network's flagship current affairs program produced a special series named, “Going Global: Canada 's Place in the World.” Going Global was the forum in which debate of the pros and cons of globalization was held with a panel of distinguished Canadians before a live audience.

The TV network's goal was to allow people to participate from computer desktops while watching the live broadcast on the computer. Thus, a rich interactive forum was required to discuss additional relevant items focused on each show's particular topic. Additionally, the TV network archived each show on the Internet for subsequent viewing.

The Challenge

The TV network wanted to re-develop their Web presence and build new functionality for their Web audience, including:

  • Presentation of archived streaming video
  • Message board
  • Online chat

  • At the time, these were leading-edge capabilities.

    The Solution

    VisionMAX re-developed the TV network's Web presence and built new functionality for their Web audience, including streaming video, message board, and online chat capabilities using open, scalable technologies.

    To provide interactive chat facilities, VisionMAX customized and configured Java-based off-the-shelf software to provide all required registration, login, moderator, and administrator functionality.

    Additionally, VisionMAX ensured system stability despite the challenges of a real-time, public domain. All Chat sessions are transcribed and archived in Real Media format for later viewing.

    VisionMAX worked with a local university to stream each broadcast's audio and video over the Internet in real-time. Broadcasts were captured and delivered over the Internet in Real Media format, viewable in a Web browser. All Real Media broadcasts are archived on the Web site for later viewing. During the broadcast, VisionMAX ran and supported the chat application.

    VisionMAX built a message board that enables users to post questions to the Going Global Web site, and lets registered users post comments or responses. This facility was provided through a custom Java applet that passes data back and forth between browser and database.

    To tie it all together, VisionMAX built the Going Global Web site using custom graphics and style sheet.

    The Results

    Working with the university and the TV network, VisionMAX was able to deliver a robust, open, fully integrated multimedia solution that was delivered on time and on budget.

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