• Document management system


The mining company personnel regularly handle hazardous materials. The client has created documents describing the safe way to handle these items. The client wanted to ensure that all personnel around the world could get up-to-date access to this information.

The Challenge

Multiple versions of documents were stored in various repositories. Staff needed immediate access to information for safety reasons.

The Solution

VisionMAX built a customized document management system on the client's international Intranet. The hazardous materials handling system ensures that the most recent documentation for handling of dangerous materials has been conveyed to the appropriate managers at sites around the world. The system features publishing of documents in their native Microsoft Office form, as well as conversions to HTML format. The built-in administration and security systems ensure that one person can administer the system locally or remotely to assign documents to those who must read and acknowledge receipt.

The Results

In addition to enhancing the user interface, these modifications allow the administrator to automatically add new documents to the database and eliminate many manual processes that were required, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The system incorporated a workflow management that ensured that appropriate people signed off on documents (required for compliancy purposes).

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