• Web-based point of sale system


The client required a new web-based point of sale system that required information from their legacy green screen AS/400 POS host system and their transaction eCommerce Web site. Additionally, they wanted to add new functionality to serve as the stores' new order entry and customer relationship maintenance (CRM) front-end.

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide an easy-to-use Web based system to facilitate new employee training, to capture and better manage customer relationship information, and to provide visual confirmation using product pictures of the scanned product's contents (to reduce the chance of error at the checkout).

The Solution

VisionMAX integrated the existing systems while adding the new CRM functionality required.

The Results

The company president estimated the system itself would be responsible for a 10-20% increase in sales due to the CRM and up-sell/marketing capability that it provided. The Web-based POS application was rolled out to all 14 stores within 1 month, and immediately the training of new employees was simplified from a 5 day training session to less than 2 days. New customer information, product lookup, and complex business procedures such as layaway, used-trade-in and commercial customer transactions were simplified and standardized.

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