• Web-based real estate mortgage appraisal system


Our client handles real estate appraisals for large banks and mortgage brokerage companies. They needed an application to support the connectivity between lending institutions that need commercial and residential property appraisals done for assurance-of-value, and the network of appraisers across Canada who perform this work.

The Challenge

The appraisal system is the first of its kind in Canada and needed to provide connectivity to a diverse range of systems from its customers.

The Solution

VisionMAX created an application with a full featured secure extranet windows Web browser interface, and Web services connectivity for the large financial institution aggregators.

The site integrates with InternetSecure for secure Web-based credit card transactions and allows Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, GE Capital, Filogix, and CHIP to generically connect their banking systems to the client using both Java and .NET web-service clients without the need for manual keying.

The system provides a direct connection to the client to allow for an appraisal request from a banking or lending institution to be added to the client's system from their computer system.

Through the tracking of all progress, comments from appraisers, pricing, appraiser auto-selection, and full-appraisal reports transmitted using Web services, our solution completely automates the interfaces between companies.

A recent enhancement includes a state-of-the-art PDA-to-Internet application to interface with the Web application so that appraisers from across the country can access the system using a browser on their BlackBerry. A user signs in, picks from a list of appraisals, and views master information about the selected appraisal, and completes basic "drive-by" appraisal information. Upon submitting the information, the application sends an email with the information to the appraisal requestor, and stores the information in a database used by an Adobe Forms application. The information can be called up later for modification in full-form format.

In summary, the key features of the application include:

  • A central appraisal database allowing appraisal requests
  • Searchable, automated transaction with remote appraisers, and appraisal maintenance
  • Secure member sign-on and controlled access, with a full range of reporting functionality
  • Wireless connectivity so that appraisers can complete information at the job site
  • The Results

    This state-of-the-art system provided the full-interconnectivity required, and allowed the client's customers to integrate easily into their system, thereby cutting costs and speeding transactions.

    The increased technical capabilities have allowed the client to attract new customers, expand the business, and increase revenues.

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