• Consolidate data from multiple systems for


The client is a multi-channel retailer with many independent systems. Customer Service staff need to access information stored in multiple areas to respond to customer queries. The purpose of the new system was to gather all customer interactions captured via the mainframe CRM systems and display the information in a few Web page screens.

The Challenge

The information required was resident in two systems and was normally displayed on 60 different screens.

The Solution

VisionMAX used IBM's HATS (Host Application Transformation Service) screen-scraper application to gather information from various legacy applications (which provided information to the user on several green screens ). The data is combined into four Web browser screens. VisionMAX integrated a new HATS-adapter component to the VisionEngine platform. Doing that enabled the rapid building of the legacy-to-Web application. The system is used by hundreds of Call Center representatives.

VisionMAX analyzed the business process and re-engineered the call center workflow to maximize productivity using this new application. For example, the solution included extending the mainframe's capability by storing the last 10 customers' information so that they could be retrieved immediately.

The Results

Reduced 60 green screens to four browser screens. The new interfacing system:

  • Increased customer service productivity
  • Cut customer service training time
  • Provide more efficient customer response time
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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