• Upgraded set-top box with minimal impact on call center
With more than 1.8 million customers, this satellite TV operator is a leader in North America in digital home entertainment, nationally broadcasting more than 300 digital video and audio channels.

The Challenge

The client faced the overwhelming task of upgrading their entire customer base to a new set-top box technology. The conversion had to be performed with no disruption to service and with minimal customer impact.

The client needed to provide an efficient and cost-effective way to initiate, manage, and support the upgrade process. They also wanted to automate the customer support process to minimize the impact on their Call Center, and streamline customer services.

The Solution

Having worked with VisionMAX for 3 years, the client knew that VisionMAX could develop an innovative, effective solution. The client was happy to benefit from the re-use of existing pre-tested application components.

VisionMAX led the project, coordinating the work of project team members from Marketing, Broadcast, Legacy Billing and Web/IVR, as well as third-party service providers.

VisionMAX built an application for authenticating customer information using interactive voice response (IVR) and Web front-ends. With this system, once the customer information is authenticated, the back-office system is automatically updated, saving significant costs by eliminating many calls to the Support Center.

VisionMAX completed the entire project:

  • Defining the scope and architecture
  • Developing and testing the solution
  • Supporting the application and users
  • Documenting the system

Now the application is fully-integrated into the client's back-end systems, ensuring 360 degree service and control.

The project is a tremendous success, gaining recognition at the highest levels as one of their all-time most successful and well-run projects. The highlights for the client are that an upgrade was completed within the deadline, and additional revenue was generated by the re-activation of dormant accounts.

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