An existing telco client planned to launch a service to allow subscribers to watch television content over their Internet connection (IPTV).

The Challenge

It was imperative to make it as easy as possible for subscribers to find and manage program choices, especially in light of the huge number of choices available. Otherwise, the telco would be faced with considerable customer churn. They wanted to give subscribers a web and mobile personalized portal for these next-generation IPTV services. It was important to provide advanced features such as full remote-PVR (Personal Video Recorder) control.

The Solution

VisionMAX created a best-of-breed personalized EPG (Electronic Program Guide). VisionMAX interfaced Microsoft’s MediaRoom IPTV via full web-service APIs (the first company in the world to do so!).  The application was interfaced with legacy systems for user programming preferences.

The Results

The client successfully launched their next-generation portal and IPTV service.  VisionMAX provided a new EPG with access to full r-PVR functionality (e.g., set recordings, conflict management, view/modify schedules, delete recorded shows).  The client had new cross-selling opportunities, which led to increased revenue.  At the same time, there was a measurable increase in customer satisfaction.

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