Our client is a recognized leader in the voice application hosting industry. Their services include:

  • Voice application hosting
  • Support for voice application management
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile technologies
  • Mobile Internet
  • Mobile marketing
  • Voice applications
  • Voice-XML
  • SMS service and support
  • Wireless marketing
  • SMS promotion and marketing
  • Voice response

The TV network's goal was to allow people to participate from computer desktops while watching the live broadcast on the computer. Thus, a rich interactive forum was required to discuss additional relevant items focused on each show's particular topic.

Additionally, the TV network archived each show on the Internet for subsequent viewing.

The Challenge

The client wanted to offer customers a wireless pay-by-minute interactive voice-enabled system using voice commands on a computer.

The Solution

VisionMAX built a Voice-XML system on behalf of the client for the European market. The software product was a pay-by-the-minute interactive voice-enabled system hosted by the client in London, England.

The Results

The system was exactly what the customer required. It enabled the wireless application company to efficiently roll out the application to their customers. The final result was the first-ever implementation of an outbound personalized voice message using a celebrity voice.

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